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Job Coach-Supported Employment (SEMP)

Posted: 07/12/2022

The Job Coach for Supported Employment at Abbott House is responsible for individuals receiving services
while working in the community. The primary role of the Job Coach is to work alongside the people we
support in order to help them to achieve their employment goals. The Job Coach ensures the delivery of
services and associated documentation in accordance with established standards.
Duties and Responsibilities:
 Adheres to all regulations, policies, procedures, and protocols set forth by OPWDD, the Justice Center
and Abbott House.
 Establishes positive working relationships with persons receiving services, co-workers, management,
and the public.
 Transports individuals receiving services to and from the agency or home to work sites.
 Completes service notes in accordance with established standards.
 Required to attend and successfully completed all required training.
 Drives agency vehicles and adheres to all related vehicle operation policies.
 Intervenes and addresses problems that may be occurring and reports incidents in a timely manner.
Qualifications & Competencies:
 High School Diploma or GED required
 Experience in an OPWDD certified setting preferred
 Valid driver’s license required
 Successful completion of State and Agency mandated training requirements
 Working knowledge of developmental disabilities
 Experience using an electronic health care system to document services preferred
Additional Competencies:
 Excellent accountability, writing, communication, and organizational skills
 Compassion for servicing individuals and families with special needs
 Ability to travel to community-based agency offices and community program/job sites
To Apply: Email Abbott House Human Resources at

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